Online shopping increases revenue throughout the state

Online shopping increases revenue throughout the state 

LAWTON, Okla. – Online sales taxes are benefiting cities and counties across Oklahoma during the pandemic.

Online sales tax numbers from Cyber Monday are not added to this year’s total yet.

But David Francis with the Oklahoma Tax Commission said even without them, this year’s tax collections are still up.

“Through the year sales tax is up about at least 10-percent. Some of the major internet retailers are up as much as 60-percent year over the year and sales they are remitting. A lot of people are out shopping on the internet right now,” Francis said.

This fiscal year Lawton and Altus are up more than 50-percent on online sales tax.

Comanche, Jackson, and Tillman Counties are up at least 55-percent over last year.

“In 2018 the wavier decision most of the larger internet retailers are all collecting and remitting tax for Oklahoma on their sales. So when your shopping on Amazon or Overstock or Wayfair their charging you city, county, and state tax where they are shipping it to. So you’re local communities are getting that tax the same if it was bought locally,” Francis said.

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