Oklahoma’s Coolest Park Is A Go For Christmas

Oklahoma’s Coolest Park Is A Go For Christmas 

LAWTON, Okl. – It made waves across the state when it opened in 2018, and the impact it has at christmas is no different. The Gathering Place in Tulsa is a bonafide winter wonderland, and even in the year of a pandemic, it’s still open and welcoming people from anywhere to enjoy the sights, sounds, and experiences.

While there is an outdoor event stage, a lake house, and lots of cool grown up stuff to see, the real stars of the park are for the kiddos. The huge tree fortress, skate parks that actually welcome scooters along side skateboards and rollerblades… If kids still rollerblade… Do kids still rollerblade? I know my nephews don’t, but how can something so fun from my own childhood not be fun now?

Of course, the entire place is decked out in holiday lights, and the staff has made it as safe as possible to do the normal December things… Cookies and hot chocolate for the cold nights, a visit with Santa Claus, running around burning off that crazy cookie energy… But as we are still amid a worsening pandemic, there are rules in place that mirror those of any Tulsa public place. Masks inside are mandatory, masks outside are highly encouraged but not mandatory.

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