Brandie Combs describes Oklahoma’s four phase roll out plan for COVID-19 vaccine

Brandie Combs describes Oklahoma’s four phase roll out plan for COVID-19 vaccine 

LAWTON, Okla. – Brandie Combs of the Comanche County Health Department sat down to talk with 7News’ Caitlin Williams about the roll out plan for the COVID-19 vaccine. The first almost 2,000 doses are supposed to be in Lawton starting Tuesday, but those will be part of Phase 1 of a four phase plan for getting the vaccine out to all Oklahomans.

Phase 1 will comprise frontline medical workers, specifically those in hospitals first. It will also include public health staff, EMT’s and paramedics.

Phase 2 will be made up of, “Frontline workers, first responders, we’ll go to those health care providers who are outpatients, who are testing potential COVID-19 patients. Then we’ll move into the over 65 and comorbidities,” said Brandie.

Next will be Phase 3 which will include teachers, students, and administrative staff in education.

The final Phase, Phase 4, will open the vaccine up to all Oklahomans who wish to be vaccinated.

According to Brandie, there will be a special scheduling system to keep order once Phase 4 goes into effect. “There will be a Microsoft scheduling application that will be pushed out – that’s not ready yet. We’ll push that out and as people are interested in getting the vaccine, they’ll get on their and schedule that at their health departments, along with other providers,” Combs says.

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