Six Things That May Be Hard To Find This Winter

Six Things That May Be Hard To Find This Winter 

LAWTON, Okla. – Because 2020 is the year that won’t just quit bashing everyday life, there are rumors circulating right now about things that might be hard to find in stores come this winter. Granted, I realize that by expressing even the slightest belief in this might cause a false-shortage, like the toilet paper debacle earlier this year. Let me begin by saying, if you have worries now about anything on this list, only buy what you think you’ll need. There’s no reason to start hoarding stuff like the big ‘ol Karen you know you are.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent the last couple of months perfecting my own personal pizza recipe. I make my own dough, my own sauce, buy expensive cheese, but all in all, cheap pepperoni is the best when you’re looking for that magical slice of zaa to replace the hole in your stomach Sam’s now-closed deli left. It’s my once-a-week treat and pretty much what I spend my entire Sunday doing. But the rumor is, pepperoni is in short supply across the country. We’ve been pretty fortunate here in Oklahoma, but it seems to already be a problem in other parts of the US.

Flour and Baking Stuffs

Another one of my weekly staples has fallen on this list. It won’t be the last either. Flour is pretty essential going into the holiday season. It’s the time of year everyone bakes goods to either enjoy or share with others. It’s hard to believe there would be a shortage, though, I know 2020’s crazy weather killed off most of the wheat in the region with a late April frost. Most farmers cut it, baled it, and they’re selling it off as hay feed for livestock.


Another legit shortage that we’ve managed to avoid the repercussions of, soda is on the list of rarities for Winter. Dr. Pepper announced a few weeks ago that they were unable to find the ingredients to make enough DP for the whole country, but luckily we’re so close to Texas, we haven’t noticed that big of a difference. Now, experts are saying the entire soda industry could experience these sorts of shortages over the next few months. Instead of stocking up on it though, you might look at this as an opportunity to ween yourself off of it headed into the silly season.

Also, aluminum cans are included on the list… That could affect flavored waters, sodas, and beer… in cans at least.

Rice and Pasta

Rice is a highly debated commodity in the world of supply and demand. No shocker here, but it’s not just the rona causing a shortage of rice across the world, drought has played a big part in it. While we were busy getting late frosts and big rains, Asia fell deep in a waterless drought. They have more than enough for their own side of the globe, but not necessarily enough to be exporting around the globe, and it doesn’t just stop at rice. Remember the rumor about the flour shortage a few scrolls North of here? Without flour, there is no pasta. When it’s happened in the past, we just opted for a hot-swap over to rice noodles, but since rice isn’t so abundant, those epic elk lasagna’s might not even be possible.

On the flip side of this discussion, and equal number of experts are telling people there won’t be a rice shortage as long as people don’t start hoarding it like TP. So take it with a grain of salt.

Vaping Products

You might think “What does the rona have to do with clouds bro?” but you’d have to remember that 99.99% of all vaping products come out of China. Coils, wick material, wire, batteries, devices, tanks, accessories, etc… Just about the only thing American made in that entire industry is a handful of devices, and most of the juices and individual flavors. Early in the year, China experienced a ridiculous lock down of the citizenry. No work, no play, just stay at home. While they’re slowly opening back up, as coronavirus is still abundant there, things are moving slowly, and it’s affecting the supply of goods to America.

If you haven’t kicked the habit yet, you might consider it. Or, panic buy everything you think will last you all winter long… even though we both know you’ll be in desperate need come Thanksgiving.

Toilet Paper… Again…

While TP is back on store shelves now, you have to remember we’re still within that first spike of rona cases. Imagine what shelves will look like when that second spike happens, if we ever get our act together to get the numbers down in the first place.

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