Oklahoma medical expert explains difference between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines

Oklahoma medical expert explains difference between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines 

“They are more similar than they are different,” Dr. Douglas Drevets, OU Health chief of infectious diseases, said.

Drevets said they both use the same technology to develop an immune response to COVID-19.

“They don’t use the actual virus; this is all a synthesized piece of genetic information, so both of these products are sterile, they’re dead, there is nothing alive in them,” Drevets said.

Each vaccine is supplied in two doses, weeks apart. One major difference is the way they’re stored.

“The Pfizer product has to be stored at ultra-cold temperatures. Moderna project is more stable,” Drevets said.

A big question people are asking is how they will know which vaccine they will get when available to the public. how will that be decided?

“In terms of who gets what, the first thing is if you received the first dose of the Pfizer, you need to get the second dose of the Pfizer, you can’t mix and match these two products. How they’re distributed really depends on how many doses we get in the state,” Drevets said.

Drevets said he’s hopeful the vaccines will curb our case numbers.

“The other night when I was signing up to get my vaccine, just the sense of relief that I had. We’re very excited about them but we know that it’s going to take time.”

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