Oklahoma doctor shares COVID vaccination experience

Oklahoma doctor shares COVID vaccination experience 

OKLAHOMA – Dr. Janis Finer has been working as a frontline healthcare worker since the beginning of the pandemic. When the first doses arrived at Saint Francis Health System’s medical center, Dr. Finer said there was a line of healthcare workers ready to get their shots. Dr. Finer said the opportunity to get vaccinated brought many of them to tears. Now, she hopes that sentiment will resonate with the public.

“I know right now it is only being offered to frontline healthcare workers, but soon it will be available to all citizens and residents of our state,” Dr. Finer said.

Dr. Finer said she wants to be an example of the importance of getting vaccinated. So, she’s sharing her experience and explains why it’s important to get one when it’s your turn.

“If we don’t proceed in a very forward direction with the vaccine, it will be a very long time before we achieve the mass immunity,” she said.

Dr. Finer cares for COVID-19 patients everyday. She’s also seen and experienced the effects of the illness first-hand after she contracted the virus from a false-negative patient during the spike in cases in July.

“I’m one of the very fortunate ones. I recovered and I’ve made a complete recovery without lingering side effects,” she said.

Finer said she only had minimal side-effects, but after caring for patients on their deathbed, she knows all too well how dangerous this virus is. She believes the vaccine can end this pandemic. So, she’s reassuring the public by sharing what you can expect when you get the shot.

“Injection site reaction with some redness, maybe a little flu-like symptoms and body aches, something similar to what you might expect with a flu vaccine,” Dr. Finer said.

In the meantime, she said it imperative to continue following COVID-19 safety protocols, especially during the holiday season.

“None of us can truly be home-free and breathe a sigh of relief,” Dr. Finer said. “If you don’t do this for yourself, then do it for your vulnerable loved ones who count on you to do the right thing.”

Dr. Finer told 2 Works For You she’s had virtually zero side-effects other than a slight bruising on her arm. But, she also said that’s normal for any kind of vaccine.

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