COVID-19 vaccine sparks discussion among Lawton citizens

COVID-19 vaccine sparks discussion among Lawton citizens 

LAWTON, Okla. – For those having a tough time deciding to take the vaccine or not, 7News’ Caitlin Williams went out to speak with Lawtonians on their views regarding the new vaccine. She also sat down with Comanche County Health Department’s Brandie Combs to discuss some of the concerns citizens had.

“I’d happily get it, in a heart beat,” said one person, while another had this thought, “No, I’m not. Because I’m thinking, if they don’t have a cure for AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, now they got a cure for this…?”

Lawton citizens seem to be divided on their beliefs about the COVID-19 vaccine. Some were completely ready and willing to take it as soon as it’s made available to them, while others were more hesitant, citing reasons such as the rate at which the vaccine was developed and potential side effects for their concerns.

But Brandie Combs says while it was a quick turn around, no corners were cut to develop a safe vaccine. She told Caitlin Williams, “The trials for the vaccine, they had tens of thousands of people involved in the trial. The process was accelerated, but it was still very rigorous.”

Once those trials were done, Pfizer’s vaccine had a 95% efficacy rate, while Moderna reported a 94.5% efficacy rate.

She also addressed other vaccine concerns. As far as side effects go, Combs says they won’t be much different than what you’d get from any other vaccine, like headaches, muscle aches, chills, effects that are only expected to last a day or two.

She also says that those with pre-existing conditions have all the more reason to be vaccinated. “Those with comorbities, we’re asking that they consider getting because we’re seeing COVID-19 hit that population hard,” said Combs.

Ultimately, if you aren’t sure about being vaccinated, Combs suggests doing your own research as there will be reading material available online so you can educate yourself and make an informed decision.

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