Lawton man in jail, accused of assault with a deadly weapon
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Lawton man in jail, accused of assault with a deadly weapon 

A Lawton man remains in the Stephens County Jail on numerous charges after law enforcement say he allegedly assaulted multiple members of a local family.

Jermaine Tyler Radford, 30, of Lawton, faces felony charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon after a former felony conviction, malicious injury to property under $1,000, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, resisting an officer and a misdemeanor count of assault and battery.

According to an affidavit obtained from the Stephens County Courthouse, Stephens County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call around 8:33 p.m. Aug. 4 for a disturbance on Throckmorton Road in Marlow.

Affidavits show the original reporting party advised that a 30 year old male was trying to take their minor child, that the man was the child’s boyfriend and they believed he was “high on drugs.” While officers were en route, they were notified Radford had punched another family member in the face, the report shows.

When police arrived on scene, they observed a male matching Radford’s description and when they approached him, they noticed “blood on his head and upper torso and arms,” reports state, and police noted he appeared to be “off, with slow speech.” When they tried to detain him, police stated in reports he resisted and “complained his arm was broken” and attempted to run.

Later, as police were still trying to detain and place Radford in a patrol unit, he allegedly told them he had been “beaten with a pipe.” Police would also find marijuana on Radford’s person, reports show.

When trying to put him in the vehicle, Radford allegedly resisted until he “became limp, laying with his upper body on the backseat” and police observed he wasn’t responsive and “had a gash approximately an inch long on top of his head.”

Reports show he became “slowly more responsive and was taken” to a hospital by ambulance.

Victims at the house reported Radford wouldn’t leave the property and began to fight with them, allegedly grabbing a pipe, hitting someone with it and busting out a window to the home before punching another family member in the face, affidavits state.

When police met with Radford, he apologized and said he “wasn’t trying to run,” and asked if police could write him some citations so he could go home, that he didn’t know why he was being arrested and that he was the one hit with the pipe, an affidavit states.

Reports show Radford denied hitting anyone or being aggressive and told police he was from Michigan and had a valid medical marijuana card there and was working on getting one from Oklahoma. He also told police he lived with the minor and would occasionally stay with other members of the minor’s family, reports state.

Radford was released from the hospital with staples in his head and a splint on his arm before he was transported to the jail.

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